New hobby or just getting old?


I have just discovered a new hobby – knitting. Ok, I can’t exactly call it a hobby yet as the only thing I have managed to produce so far is a square and a very untidy one at that. I am enjoying learning though and although I only managed a few rows each evening I liked seeing my square take shape. I have now set my aspirations higher… a scarf!

I did know how to knit when I was a child but after all these years I couldn’t remember a thing about it so I watched some YouTube videos to refresh my memory. How hard can it be I thought! If my nan can knock out a baby cardigan in a few hours then surely I’ll be onto cushion covers and hats in no time. That square I produced was my third attempt – that’s how hard! I am officially the world’s slowest knitter!

Nevertheless I refuse to give in. I have even ordered a knitting for beginners magazine. Knitting is the cool new thing, right? Or am I just getting old?

Do you have an embarrassing (I mean interesting) hobby?

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