If I have to sing one more time…


Baby boy has a new game. It’s called ‘Guess what song I want you to sing to me’ and it goes something like this:

Baby boy “which one” (meaning sing me a song)

Mummy “Humpty Dumpty?”

Baby boy “nooo”

Mummy “baa baa black sheep?”

Baby boy “nooo”

Mummy “Jack and Jill?”  

Baby boy “nooo”

Repeat with every song you can think of until 5 minutes later…

Mummy “Polly put the kettle on?” (or whichever song has taken his fancy that day).

Baby Boy “Yes!”

I then proceed to sing the song in a voice sent by the Angels (hmm hmm) whilst baby boy looks on in wonder. Once finished…

Baby boy “again!”

Repeat the singing at least 20 times or until voice disappears.

The joys of parenting a toddler!

Image credit – http://www.rottenecards.com