Big Boy Bed

On Sunday night we took the plunge and turned baby boy’s cot into a bed! I was hesitant to do it but in all honesty he is ready and I want him to get used to it before the baby arrives.

Mr K and I wanted to make it as exciting as possible for baby boy so we let him ‘help’ us to take off the sides and move his bed. We kept on reminding him that he had a big boy bed now and saying how great that was. As soon as it was ready he climbed on and started to jump on it. I had visions of it falling to pieces in a heap on top of him but it withstood his toddler bounces.

 I then put his brand new bedding on, transport to match his wallpaper. Baby boy loves playing with his cars and so when I saw the bedding in Asda I just had to get it.

Throughout the day, whenever we were upstairs, baby boy would climb onto the bed, lay down and say “night night”. It was very cute. I was still a bit worried about night time though and whether he would stay in bed. When bedtime came we did his regular routine of bath, story and milk and then bed. Instead of leaving the room however I stayed in just to make sure he settled. I needn’t have worried though. His head didn’t even leave the pillow. Each night since has been the same and we now put him into bed and leave the room. 

Waking up time has been quite consistent also. The first two mornings baby boy came staggering into my bedroom at about 6:30 which is about right for him. This morning it was 5:30 but he was disturbed by Mr K getting up for work so I forgive him. He came into bed with me and went back to sleep. 

He loves the fact that he can get in and out of bed himself which is the good thing about having a cot bed I think. The bed is nice and low to the ground unlike a single bed and so when I do take the bed guard off I won’t have to worry about him hurting himself if he did fall out. I like that it is a nice transition to a bed without being too much of a change. All in all the big boy bed is a success!


How did your little one find the move from cot to bed?

Does my bump look big in this? Pregnancy update!

As I am almost in the third trimester I thought that I would write a little update about pregnancy number 2 so far. With baby boy I didn’t document anything and took no bump photos. I regret this now as it would be nice to look back on and compare with this time.

I made it through the first trimester with relative ease. I was very tired and had constant nauseau but was never really sick and so it wasn’t too bad. The second trimester has also not been too bad. Again I am constantly exhausted and keep getting colds but compared to the worries that a lot of people have I am doing very well. I will be honest though and say that I don’t enjoy being pregnant. That may sound horrible but it’s true. I love the end result but the actual being pregnant part is rather unenjoyable. It feels a bit like having an alien take over my body!

I feel a bit self conscious of my bump this time around. I never really lost the baby weight from having baby boy and after a c section I have a lovely, how should I describe it, pouch! I therefore feel as though my bump is too big and wobbly this time. My midwife says that I am measuring spot on though so that makes me feel a little bit better.


Due to a complicated delivery with baby boy and the fact that he had a low birth weight, I get to have extra growth scans this time. That means that I get to see baby 2 at least twice more. I’m looking forward to that!

The end date is in sight now.  Almost only 12 weeks to go. Scary thought! I have nothing ready and should really get a move on.

Do you enjoy pregnancy?

New hobby or just getting old?


I have just discovered a new hobby – knitting. Ok, I can’t exactly call it a hobby yet as the only thing I have managed to produce so far is a square and a very untidy one at that. I am enjoying learning though and although I only managed a few rows each evening I liked seeing my square take shape. I have now set my aspirations higher… a scarf!

I did know how to knit when I was a child but after all these years I couldn’t remember a thing about it so I watched some YouTube videos to refresh my memory. How hard can it be I thought! If my nan can knock out a baby cardigan in a few hours then surely I’ll be onto cushion covers and hats in no time. That square I produced was my third attempt – that’s how hard! I am officially the world’s slowest knitter!

Nevertheless I refuse to give in. I have even ordered a knitting for beginners magazine. Knitting is the cool new thing, right? Or am I just getting old?

Do you have an embarrassing (I mean interesting) hobby?

Sharing the fluffy love

I love reusable nappies. I have posted about them on countless occasions, not because I think that everyone should use them but because I think that everyone should have the option to use them if they wish. There are so many myths out there about reusable nappies (some of which I have tried to dispel on this blog) and so I think that if I can show people how great they are then people will have the information to make the right decision for them.

With that in mind it is a great feeling when someone tells you that they want to give reusables a go! It has happened twice recently and I think it’s fantastic! 

My cousin and his wife have recently been blessed with a beautiful little girl. When she was pregnant, Mrs W said to me that she was interested in using reusable nappies. One of the things that put her off was the cost however. I have posted on here before about how there are some cheaper ways to cloth nappy and so I passed on some tips (hopefully in a helpful way and not in a ram my opinion down your throat way). I was also in a position to be able to pass on some nappies, preloved but great condition, so that they had the option of trying them out before they invested. Now if Mrs W had turned around and said to me that reusables weren’t for them after all then so be it. They are not for everyone but I wanted them to have the option of trying them if they wanted to. A few days after their daughters arrival I was sent a photograph of her in a reusable nappy. She looked adorable and I was so proud! Mrs W recently said to me that they don’t use them exclusively but that she does try to use them when at home. That’s great! Parenting is hard work and you have to do what is best for you and your family. If that works for you then I say well done and enjoy.  

Isabelle looking gorgeous in a reusable nappy at only a few days old

Another friend of mine also contacted me recently asking for some advice on reusables. Again I tried to be as helpful as possible and point her in the direction of useful information. She is now expanding her nappy stash and getting to grips with reusables. I hope it doesn’t become too addictive for her (it easily happens).

I really am so pleased that I have been able to help two people enjoy the world of cloth nappies. I am no expert but if I can use my experiences to help and pass on information which could be useful then I’m glad. I am more than happy to help anyone navigate the, sometimes confusing, beginners world of reusable nappies if I can. The world needs fluffy love!

How did you first discover reusables?