Sharing the fluffy love

I love reusable nappies. I have posted about them on countless occasions, not because I think that everyone should use them but because I think that everyone should have the option to use them if they wish. There are so many myths out there about reusable nappies (some of which I have tried to dispel on this blog) and so I think that if I can show people how great they are then people will have the information to make the right decision for them.

With that in mind it is a great feeling when someone tells you that they want to give reusables a go! It has happened twice recently and I think it’s fantastic! 

My cousin and his wife have recently been blessed with a beautiful little girl. When she was pregnant, Mrs W said to me that she was interested in using reusable nappies. One of the things that put her off was the cost however. I have posted on here before about how there are some cheaper ways to cloth nappy and so I passed on some tips (hopefully in a helpful way and not in a ram my opinion down your throat way). I was also in a position to be able to pass on some nappies, preloved but great condition, so that they had the option of trying them out before they invested. Now if Mrs W had turned around and said to me that reusables weren’t for them after all then so be it. They are not for everyone but I wanted them to have the option of trying them if they wanted to. A few days after their daughters arrival I was sent a photograph of her in a reusable nappy. She looked adorable and I was so proud! Mrs W recently said to me that they don’t use them exclusively but that she does try to use them when at home. That’s great! Parenting is hard work and you have to do what is best for you and your family. If that works for you then I say well done and enjoy.  

Isabelle looking gorgeous in a reusable nappy at only a few days old

Another friend of mine also contacted me recently asking for some advice on reusables. Again I tried to be as helpful as possible and point her in the direction of useful information. She is now expanding her nappy stash and getting to grips with reusables. I hope it doesn’t become too addictive for her (it easily happens).

I really am so pleased that I have been able to help two people enjoy the world of cloth nappies. I am no expert but if I can use my experiences to help and pass on information which could be useful then I’m glad. I am more than happy to help anyone navigate the, sometimes confusing, beginners world of reusable nappies if I can. The world needs fluffy love!

How did you first discover reusables?

One thought on “Sharing the fluffy love

  1. I LOVE cloth nappies ! I started when my little boy was 6 months, a friend of mine is crazy accessed with them, like we all eventually become, lol. I used bumgenious pre loved with him and never looked back. With my little girl, we started from birth, she’s now 8 weeks and we only used disposable at night and if we are out for hrs. I do try to inform friends and family about the advantages of cloth, so many people think it’s hard and expensive, it’s completely the opposite x


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