Good Nights Sleep – Baby Grobag


Baby boy has always been an unpredictable sleeper. We never really know how many times a night he will wake up or at what time he will decide to start his day. At the beginning of December though his sleep pattern got even worse! He was waking almost every hour and wasn’t settling well. It took me a couple of nights to realise that he was cold! He is such a wriggler in his sleep that his blankets end up at the opposite end of the cot to him. We had been having a really mild winter so a lack of blankets wasn’t a problem but at the beginning of December the nights turned cold.

Around the same time we had been sent a baby grobag from the gro company. For anyone who doesn’t know, a baby grobag is a sleeveless sleeping bag for babies and toddlers. It is designed to replace blankets so that the child stays warm all night long. I decided to give it a go to see if it would help baby boy get a better nights sleep.

The baby grobag came in a lovely design and felt nice and soft. When I first put baby boy in it I will admit that I thought it looked a little big. I thought that the excess fabric would get in the way of baby boy when he wriggled about and so disrupt his sleep. I was wrong though and he seems very comfortable in it. That first night I watched the clock to see how long it would take him to wake up. He did wake up of course (he has only ever slept through twice) but only once in the night. I gave him his dummy and he settled back to sleep straight away. The baby grobag worked! There were no blankets to kick off and so baby boy stayed toasty warm all night long. Just to check that it wasn’t a fluke I continued to use it each night for a few weeks. Each night was roughly the same as the first give or take. We were back to our usual sleep pattern. As a little experiment I didn’t use the baby grobag one night – cue numerous wake ups with blankets no where near baby boy! The baby grobag stayed!!


Last weekend we went away for a few nights. I was a bit worried that baby boy wouldn’t sleep well due to being somewhere unfamiliar. We took the baby grobag with us though and I honestly believe that it helped baby boy to feel settled. It was familiar to him despite us being in a strange place. He slept very well. We could even use the baby grobag in the car because of the special opening in the back for the car seat harness to go through. This meant that baby boy could be transferred easily from car seat to cot after a late night drive. Bonus!

I like the baby grobag. I think that it is especially good for wriggly babies like baby boy who struggle to keep blankets on during the night. I wish that I had one earlier but now that we do have one I will definitely continue to use it.

Do you use a baby grobag?

We were kindly given the baby grobag but all thoughts and opinions in the above post are my own.

Christmas Traditions


It is baby boy’s first Christmas. I have been trying to start a few Christmas traditions for our little family that we can grow and develop over the years. Now obviously he was too young this year to help decorate the tree so I have made the most of what I believe will be my last year of having a classy tree. Next year I hope that he will want to help and so that will become a loved tradition.


Obviously I took him to see Father Christmas. We paid our money, waited in line whilst singing Christmas carols and just before we went in to see him baby boy fell asleep and would not be woken! Another tradition that will have to wait until next year.

One thing that will start this year are the Christmas Eve traditions. Baby boy will have a Christmas Eve box with a few little goodies such as special pyjamas and the night before Christmas book. We will leave a drink and mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for the reindeer. I am looking forward to these traditions.

I know that baby boy is too young to understand what is happening this year but it is his first Christmas and so even though he is not excited, I am! I am excited for him and I will tell him all about his first Christmas as he grows up.

Do you have special Christmas traditions?

Holidays are here!


It’s Christmas! Since becoming a teacher the Christmas spirit has always started as soon as the Christmas crafts begin but it is only really Christmas time once I walk out of school on the last day ready for the holidays. That is when Christmas can really begin! So today I can say – it is Christmas time!

I walked out of school today with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job but there is just something about knowing that the holidays have begun that makes me extra happy.

I do have more work to do over these holidays than I would normally have. Having only started in the role last week I now have the (not so) envious job of completing next terms planning ready for the first week of term. If I had started back in September then I would have had all of this done by now ready for a relaxing break but instead I will be testing out sensory activities and completing lesson plans for a good chunk of my time off. I don’t mind though. I have a job to go back to in January and a few weeks of family time ahead of me before then.

I am one happy teacher right now!

When does Christmas start for you?

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Things are looking up!


Well I believe that things have turned a corner and are slowly looking up! I am relieved to say the least. I have a new job on the horizon!

Since last week I have been doing supply work at a school for children with special needs. This is my first teaching post since baby boy was born and I am tentatively saying that this is the best teaching post that I have ever had. Despite only having worked there for a total of 4 days so far I am enjoying this role more than any other I have ever held in this profession. The role looks like it will continue after the Christmas holidays and I couldn’t be happier!

I know that at times it will be testing and I know that it may take me a while to expertly balance work and home but I am excited about this new adventure. This is an exciting new role for me and I really think that I can do well in it.

Things are looking up!

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Regaining the fluffy love


For a few weeks now this household has been infected with a horrible plague! Illness took a hold and took a hold well (are we ever healthy I hear you ask!). So much so that I seriously let things slide in the domestic chores department. My mum, the amazing woman that she is, has helped out more than she should. In fact she is also ill and so should have been resting!

The thing that she did which helped me the most was to take my washing. I was incredibly behind on it and it was getting me down. Whilst I was getting myself back on track she also bought me a couple of packs of disposable nappies. As many of you will know we have mostly used reusable nappies since baby boy was roughly 3 months old and I love them. These past few weeks though I have used the disposable ones and I have to admit that it did make things just a tiny but easier whilst I was getting on top of things.

Now I am not better in the health department yet, in fact on Friday I was back at the doctors, but yesterday I had a sudden urge to get my reusables ready for action again. It took me all afternoon, with lots of rest breaks, but I managed to get them all stuffed and put away.

The sight of them on the shelves ready to be worn was one of the nicest things I have seen in a while. It made me realise how much I have missed baby boy’s fluffy bum. Disposables may have been a bit easier when things were tough but his bum was far too flat! It also made me remember all of the reasons why I love reusables. Not only are they cute but they seriously cut down on waste. Our bin has been a lot fuller these past weeks! I am excited that soft fabric will be next to my baby’s skin again soon and even though I will have a bit more washing again I don’t care because I am feeling the fluffy love once more.

I am really grateful to my mum for helping out and buying me some disposables but I am more than ready to get going with the reusables once more. Bring on tomorrow!!

Have you ever needed to regain the fluffy love?