Mission Impossible – the perfect double buggy

Since finding out that baby number 2 is on the way I have been trying to decide if I need a double buggy or not. Baby boy will be 22 months old when the baby arrives and after talking to a few people I have mixed views on whether he will still need a buggy. Some people think that he will be more than capable of walking so I could use our existing buggy with a buggy board whereas others believe that he will still get tired at that age and want to sit down. If I am honest I think that I am with the second group. Baby boy only started walking at 15 months old and can still fall over his own feet on a perfectly flat surface. A quick walk around the supermarket a few days ago resulted in 4 steps at the most before he sat down in protest! I know the situation would have improved by December but do I really want a toddler sitting in the middle of a supermarket aisle refusing to move plus a newborn? 

I am therefore now on the hunt for the perfect double buggy. Only problem is that I don’t think that it exists!

I have certain criteria that this buggy needs to fulfil:

1. Baby 2 must have a lie flat parent facing option.

2. Baby boy must be able to sit up (within reason) and not be forced to lay back.

3. The buggy must be fairly narrow to fit through small shop doorways and past the cars that selfishly park up on the curb making walking past with a single buggy sometimes difficult.

4. It must fit in the relatively small boot of our Hyundai i20 car.

5. It must be reasonably priced i.e. less than £250.

Now I am perfectly aware that it is a bit of a list but am I really asking too much? After extensive research I believe that I am. I have sadly come to the conclusion that the perfect double buggy does not actually exist!

Can anyone prove me wrong?

Image credit –  http://giphy.com/search/impossible

I love my child but want 5 minutes peace

This morning baby boy threw a toy car at my face. It hurt, a lot! It made me cry! A minute later he threw another one. For a horrible second I didn’t want baby boy anywhere near me. I didn’t like him! But then I looked at him. He was staring up at me as the tears streamed down my face and he looked so confused. I just scooped him up and hugged him close. I couldn’t do anything else. In that moment I felt like the whole world was on top of me.

I’ve not been a good mummy for about a week now I would say so I probably deserved the cars in my face. I am full of cold and this pregnancy is draining me. I can’t get down on the floor for very long to play cars and we haven’t been to the park in too long. However baby boy seems to forgive me for this. He still brings me books to read, he still wants cuddles, he still wants me to kiss his hand better (and then the other hand) and he still looks at me as though I am the best mummy in the world. I resolved today to do better. I will force myself out of the house at least once a day and I will play any game that baby boy wants to play. He deserves it!

I do want one thing though, as selfish as it sounds. I want a tiny bit of guilt free time for me. I want to maybe lay on my bed with a cup of tea, a biscuit and my kindle. I want to have a bit of time when I am not feeling guilty that the washing up hasn’t been done, the laundry is behind, the floors need hoovering and so forth. I understand that in order to do this I would have to be on top of the jobs in the first place which for me really is impossible but a girl can dream!

Until then I will relish in my baby boy. I will be glad every day that even though I am not a perfect parent, baby boy doesn’t care. He is happy with just me!

Do you feel like you just don’t cut it sometimes?

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Newborn cloth stash – what’s in yours?


I have used cloth nappies with baby boy since he was about 3 months old. We went straight to using birth to potty nappies in the day and fitted nappies at night with a birth to potty wrap. I therefore have no experience of using cloth nappies with a newborn. With baby number 2 on the way I have decided that I definitely want to use cloth nappies from birth this time but I don’t really know what I need.

I have started a little newborn stash already with a purchase of 3 tots bots teenyfits. They are tiny and so cute. I am fully aware though that these will probably last me all of 5 hours! I need more!! Never having used them from birth I am just at a loss as to what to buy. 

I am hoping to breastfeed (it didn’t go to plan last time so I am keeping an open mind but will be trying) and so need great containment along with looking cute. This will be a winter baby and so nappies that dry quickly are a must. Lastly I am on a serious budget so they need to be cheap, cheap cheap! Not too much to ask really.

I am therefore sending out a heartfelt plea to other cloth bumming parents out there – please give me any advice you have! What newborn nappies should I use? Where is the best place to buy from?

Advice welcome!

Fun in the sun


It has been hot hot hot this week and so baby boy and I have been making the most of it. 

We have spent most of our time in the garden with the paddling pool out. Baby boy has loved being free to just run around although this has often meant me running after him to stop him tormenting the dog, pulling up strawberry plants and various other mischiefs! At one point I had to remove a snail from his mouth, yuk.

It has been warm enough for him to mainly just run around in a nappy (which makes me glad he has such pretty ones). This has meant lots of sun cream – ours smells of ice cream- and lots of arguments putting the sun cream on. He seems to like the idea of having it on but as soon as I spray it he  tries to run away.

I have loved this week. It has been relaxed and fun. Long may the nice weather continue!