Baby on board


Today Mr K and I had the journey from hell! We had to drive back from Birmingham (over an hour) with baby boy crying. We tried everything. I sat in the back with him, we pulled into the services, I gave him his dummy, I gave him a drink, I gave him a toy … nothing worked! In the end we just had to plough on through and just get home.

It was heartbreaking to see him so upset and there was nothing I could do to comfort him. Every time he was put back in his seat he started to cry again. By the time we got home both Mr K and I were exhausted. Baby boy however was full of beans. He was delighted that he was home and the tears stopped instantly. Little monkey!

Today’s post therefore is brought to you by one very sore head. I am keeping it short and sweet and I’m off for an early night.

How do you manage horrendous car journeys?

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