Alone Time


Today Mr K and I had some alone time and I have to admit that it was lovely. I say alone time, we actually spent it with about 45000 other people at a football match but it was time spent together without baby boy.

Now I love being a family and the time that we spend together but sometimes it is nice just to spend time with my husband. I sometimes worry that since baby boy came along I have neglected Mr K a little bit. He doesn’t moan about it or even admit that I have but I know that it’s true. I just think that at the moment we are in the parent zone more than the couple zone. In the evenings once baby boy is asleep I just want to crash on the sofa and watch tv or read a book in bed. I never realised quite how exhausting being a parent is until I became one! It is no excuse though for neglecting the intimacy in my relationship and today, whilst sat watching my team lose (and Mr K’s team win), I realised that I have to make more of an effort.

I have decided that I need to work at the little things that make a relationship special. Instead of lying on one sofa whilst Mr K is on the other, we could snuggle up together. Instead of watching tv whilst Mr K reads in bed, I could lay next to him and read as well. Instead of throwing something quick to make in the oven, we could cook a meal together. These are all just small things but together I think that they could really help to bring us even closer together.

Over the next month I am going to try to do something special for Mr K everyday. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It could just be a note in his pocket or his favourite tea when he gets in from work. I am looking forward to this and do you know what, I feel more intimate already!

How have you made time to be a couple after having children?

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4 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. I love this idea! I’m going to give it a go too! We’ve been on a couple of nights out just us and also went away for the night last week which was fantastic. As much as I love my little girl, it’s nice to be a wife and not just mummy sometimes! X


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