Celebrity Parent Envy

I have a little bit of a confession to make – I love following celebrity parents (in the online blog sort of way not the freaky stalker sort of way to be clear). It’s a guilty pleasure!

My favourite celebrity couple at the moment are Tom and Giovanna Fletcher. I really enjoy their Instagram and YouTube updates and I kind of wish they would adopt me (ignore the fact that I am a grown woman with a family of my own). Maybe it is because they seem so down to earth. Maybe it is because they have children who are very close in age to mine. Maybe it is because they actually come across as interesting. Or maybe, if I am completely honest, it is because I am the teensiest bit envious of them! They, along with most other celebrity, make parenting look easy! I’m not saying that they actually find it easy. I’m sure they all have those ‘close the kitchen door, let out an ear piercing scream, return to children with a smile on your face’ moments. I’m just saying that they make it look easy.

A few examples:

Celebrity version – walk in the park with toddler and baby whilst managing to drink a cup of coffee along the way.

My version – toddler decides to lay on the floor and refuse to move whilst I try not to bang baby’s head on the ground as I attempt to wrestle aforementioned toddler to a standing position.

Celebrity version – floor area of house is completely clear of toys, fluff and general debris (ok ok I mean that their house is tidy!)

My version – well the complete opposite really.

Celebrity version – children happily splash in the swimming pool or sea and look like they really are having a good time.

My version – baby boy clings to me for dear life, cries at the first splash of water on his face and attempts to climb up my body and out of the water.

Now I know that I may sound extremely jealous but I’m not. I’ve admitted that I am slightly envious but come on, is there anyone who isn’t a bit envious of a celebrity lifestyle. I don’t begrudge them their good fortune at all. Most celebrities are hard working, creative people who have earnt all that they have. Their children are blessed to have parents who work hard and will show them a good example of work ethic. However, sometimes I just really wish that I could see a picture of their toddler throwing a tantrum because they don’t like the Octonauts today, they want a snack but not anything that is actually in the house or they don’t want the baby to sit on your knee.

I think that it would make me feel slightly better as a not so perfect parent to know that the people who make it look so easy, also allow their child to watch peppa pig on repeat just to avoid the hundredth tantrum of the day!

Image credit – http://www.pinterest.com

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