Chocolate orange brownies – a little bit of heaven!


Last Sunday I decided to try and be a bit domesticated and do some baking. Mr K is fussy and quite frankly weird when it comes to cakes and sweet things (he’s not keen on much) so my options were limited. After much deliberation I decided on chocolate orange brownies. I did not realise what a hit these brownies would turn out to be, not only with Mr K but with friends and family as well. They were such a hit that I am making some more today and thought that I would share the love (and the recipe) on here for everyone to try. So here goes:

Line a baking tin with baking paper and heat the oven to roughly 180c.


Melt 200g butter, 200g dark chocolate and the zest of a large orange in a saucepan over a low heat and then allow to cool.


Whisk together 350g caster sugar and 4 large (5 small – medium) eggs until the mixture is light and fluffy.


Next, carefully add the cooled chocolate mixture to the sugar and eggs.


Sift over 100g plain flour and 50g chocolate powder and stir together gently.


Add 100g chocolate orange, broken into small pieces, before pouring the mixture into the lined baking tin. Bake in the pre heated oven for roughly 40 mins. Once baked,cool in the tin.


When the brownies are cool I like to make an already sweet brownie even sweeter by topping it with a chocolate fudge topping.


So there you have it. Seriously sweet chocolate orange brownies. Enjoy!

Do you have a favourite recipe?

The original recipe came from and was slightly modified by myself.

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