Why I chose to cloth bum


Baby boy is a cloth bummed babe!

I didn’t start off using cloth nappies until he was about 3 months old. The idea to use them developed slowly. At 5 weeks old I took him to The Baby and Toddler show at Event City in Manchester and out of all the stands it was the reusable nappy stand that caught my attention. Rows and rows of pretty, colourful nappies! They were gorgeous! I took a leaflet but to be honest I discarded the idea when I thought about the price. I couldn’t really justify spending money on new nappies.

Over the next few weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about those beautiful nappies. I ran through all of the justifications in my head – environmental impact, cheaper then disposables in the long run, comfort etc – but when it came down to it they were just so darn pretty! I spent hours researching reusable nappies and when I found out that my local council ran a cash back scheme it felt like a sign! Eventually I could resist no longer and now 3 1/2 months later we pretty much exclusively use cloth. I say pretty much exclusively¬†because as we know¬†I am not perfect. I occasionally run out of night nappies and I refuse to take them on holiday with no washing facilities! There is no way that I am spending my holiday hand washing dirty nappies!

I built my stash slowly combining cheaper eBay nappies with a few of the more well known (and expensive) brands. I now have enough to wash every third day which I feel is a good amount. This doesn’t stop me wanting more though! They are just so pretty but my growing addiction is a post for another day.

I’m glad I made the decision. It works well for us. I was expecting some negativity towards using them but we have had nothing but positive comments.

Do you use cloth nappies? Have you experienced any negativity?

image credit – http://www.goreal.org.uk/lincolnshire