Trip to hospital


So yesterday we had to take a trip to hospital with baby boy. It was a scary time but he was soon on the mend.

Baby boy started with a temperature on Wednesday evening. Mr K and I gave him some calpol and he went off to sleep straight away. The peace didn’t last though and at 2am baby boy was wide awake screaming. I picked him up out of his cot and his skin felt like a furnace. I gave him some more calpol and he slept on and off next to me for the rest of the night.

The next day he was still hot. I continued with the calpol but it did nothing to help. Baby boy either screamed or slept on me and his temperature kept rising. I eventually had enough and called the doctor for advice. They asked me to take him in to be checked out. The doctor could find no obvious signs of infection and baby boys temperature had risen even more. We were sent to the hospital!

Once at the hospital baby boy was stripped naked and given a large dose of ibuprofen. Mr K and I were asked to get a urine sample from him. If I wasn’t so worried about baby boy I think I would have fallen over laughing at our attempts to do this! I find it hilarious now. We missed 3 wees by either not paying close enough attention or by baby boy rolling onto his front just before letting loose. It wasn’t entirely our fault though as one nurse realised that we had been given the wrong container. Once we had the correct one it was much easier and we managed to get a sample about 4 hours after being admitted!

Baby boy’s temperature slowly started to come down and once it was down to a normal level he became his usual cheeky self. He was checked by a few different doctors, one of whom requested that blood be taken to find the cause of the infection. At 11pm though a different doctor came to tell us that she had decided that it was not necessary to take blood and we could go home. We were to continue to give calpol and ibuprofen alternately as needed to keep his temperature down.

It was a relief to get home and after a bottle baby boy went straight to sleep. It was a frightening day and even though I knew that there was nothing seriously wrong with baby boy I still couldn’t help worrying. I know that baby boy will have many more illnesses in his lifetime but I am certainly in no hurry to experience that again.

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