Regaining the fluffy love


For a few weeks now this household has been infected with a horrible plague! Illness took a hold and took a hold well (are we ever healthy I hear you ask!). So much so that I seriously let things slide in the domestic chores department. My mum, the amazing woman that she is, has helped out more than she should. In fact she is also ill and so should have been resting!

The thing that she did which helped me the most was to take my washing. I was incredibly behind on it and it was getting me down. Whilst I was getting myself back on track she also bought me a couple of packs of disposable nappies. As many of you will know we have mostly used reusable nappies since baby boy was roughly 3 months old and I love them. These past few weeks though I have used the disposable ones and I have to admit that it did make things just a tiny but easier whilst I was getting on top of things.

Now I am not better in the health department yet, in fact on Friday I was back at the doctors, but yesterday I had a sudden urge to get my reusables ready for action again. It took me all afternoon, with lots of rest breaks, but I managed to get them all stuffed and put away.

The sight of them on the shelves ready to be worn was one of the nicest things I have seen in a while. It made me realise how much I have missed baby boy’s fluffy bum. Disposables may have been a bit easier when things were tough but his bum was far too flat! It also made me remember all of the reasons why I love reusables. Not only are they cute but they seriously cut down on waste. Our bin has been a lot fuller these past weeks! I am excited that soft fabric will be next to my baby’s skin again soon and even though I will have a bit more washing again I don’t care because I am feeling the fluffy love once more.

I am really grateful to my mum for helping out and buying me some disposables but I am more than ready to get going with the reusables once more. Bring on tomorrow!!

Have you ever needed to regain the fluffy love?