Shoes – how much?!!

The first pair of shoes! Such an exciting time, a rite of passage and a sign that your little one is no longer a baby. 

You take your little one to the shop and have a look at the cute little shoes whilst you wait for the assistant. You then wrestle with your darling child to keep them still whilst the assistant tries to measure their feet with what must look like a torture device to any child. Despite this it is still fun. The assistant goes to get some shoes in the right size to try on whilst you try to keep your munchkin entertained. The assistant returns with a pile of boxes! Immediately a style jump out as being cuter than the others so obviously they don’t fit very well but after the fifth pair you decide on a style you like. The first pair of shoes! Despite the effort it is still exciting.

Taking the shoes to the till you feel a sense of pride. “£36 please” says the cashier. How much?! You faint with shock!