Christmas Traditions


It is baby boy’s first Christmas. I have been trying to start a few Christmas traditions for our little family that we can grow and develop over the years. Now obviously he was too young this year to help decorate the tree so I have made the most of what I believe will be my last year of having a classy tree. Next year I hope that he will want to help and so that will become a loved tradition.


Obviously I took him to see Father Christmas. We paid our money, waited in line whilst singing Christmas carols and just before we went in to see him baby boy fell asleep and would not be woken! Another tradition that will have to wait until next year.

One thing that will start this year are the Christmas Eve traditions. Baby boy will have a Christmas Eve box with a few little goodies such as special pyjamas and the night before Christmas book. We will leave a drink and mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for the reindeer. I am looking forward to these traditions.

I know that baby boy is too young to understand what is happening this year but it is his first Christmas and so even though he is not excited, I am! I am excited for him and I will tell him all about his first Christmas as he grows up.

Do you have special Christmas traditions?