Ass into gear!

I am fat! There, I said it. I don’t like the fact that I am fat. In fact I hate it. But fat I am nonetheless.

I wasn’t always fat. I was actually a very healthy weight up until I went to university, not that I thought it. I had a terrible body image and throughout my teenage years I would go on all sorts of fad diets. I look back now and wonder what on earth I was thinking!

So anyway, I really am fat now and I need to get my ass into gear and do something about it. I joined slimming world a few months ago and lost just over a stone in a month. I then hit a wall! I just lost all motivation. I went back last week and although I have been good this week, my motivation is still awol.

Now people can tell me until they are blue in the face that it is easy to lose weight but do you know what, I don’t find it easy. I know that I have to eat less, eat better and do more exercise. I know that! It’s easier said than done though. I can go to bed with all the will in the world and the determination to get up half an hour earlier the next morning to work out before the children wake up. 2 night feeds, countless dummy trips and a screaming toddler later the workout is literally forgotten. I honestly mean that I have no recollection of my intention the previous evening. The eating is another big issue. Some days it goes well and I stick to my healthy meal plans and feel amazing. The next day, by the time I have made breakfast for baby boy, fed baby girl, made more breakfast for baby boy, cleared up the mess that baby girl threw all over the floor, stopped the tantrum that baby boy started over his toast being the wrong shape and then put baby girl down for a nap, I am either no longer hungry or I have to leave the house to go out. This pattern can carry on all day! I then get myself into a mad panic about the fact that if this is how things are now then how much worse will they be when I go back to work in September?! It sounds like I’m making excuses but I’m just telling it how it is.

I envy the women who have their sh*t together. The women who can fit in a run before the children wake up. The women who make healthy meals for the whole family (and those meals are actually eaten). The women who haven’t let life get the better of them! The women who are actually fit and healthy!

I envy them and salute them! I however am stuck in a rut with very little light at the end of the tunnel!

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Losing that baby weight


I’ve just had a baby! 7 months on and I don’t think I can keep using that excuse! I am the first to admit that I am carrying an awful lot of excess weight and the whole just had a baby line is not really cutting it. So today I have made a conscious decision to start losing ‘the baby weight’.

There is one problem though… I don’t know where to begin. I know the basics – I need to eat less and exercise more. That’s fine in theory. However in practice not as easy. I always have a fairly healthy tea (because Mr K cooks it!) but breakfast and lunch are often a bit hit and miss. It often depends on how frazzled I am that day and if baby boy decides that it is ok for me to take time out to eat. Therefore quite often I snack! Not always healthily I might add! I need to start stocking up the cupboards with healthy snacks but do you know how much they cost these days! Fresh fruit and veg is extortionate!

Now, about the exercise. When baby boy was about 10 weeks old I joined a local pram fit group. I went to a few sessions but felt a little bit alienated to be honest. Everyone in the group seemed to already know each other and I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. I stopped going which I do regret and I have never managed to pluck up the courage to rejoin. As a positive step I have started swimming once a week with a friend. We go to a ladies only session and it is nice and quiet. I enjoy this but I know that I need to do more.

Increasing my daily activity such as going for a walk with baby boy either in the sling or pushchair is a goal that I have set myself. We live near a big park so really I have no excuse to not go for a walk. I also plan to eat 3 meals a day and cut out my unhealthy snacks. I will start with these and see how I get on. I am very impatient and want to see results quickly but this is going to take time and I have to just stick at it.

Do you have any tips for losing the baby weight?

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