Big Boy Bed

On Sunday night we took the plunge and turned baby boy’s cot into a bed! I was hesitant to do it but in all honesty he is ready and I want him to get used to it before the baby arrives.

Mr K and I wanted to make it as exciting as possible for baby boy so we let him ‘help’ us to take off the sides and move his bed. We kept on reminding him that he had a big boy bed now and saying how great that was. As soon as it was ready he climbed on and started to jump on it. I had visions of it falling to pieces in a heap on top of him but it withstood his toddler bounces.

 I then put his brand new bedding on, transport to match his wallpaper. Baby boy loves playing with his cars and so when I saw the bedding in Asda I just had to get it.

Throughout the day, whenever we were upstairs, baby boy would climb onto the bed, lay down and say “night night”. It was very cute. I was still a bit worried about night time though and whether he would stay in bed. When bedtime came we did his regular routine of bath, story and milk and then bed. Instead of leaving the room however I stayed in just to make sure he settled. I needn’t have worried though. His head didn’t even leave the pillow. Each night since has been the same and we now put him into bed and leave the room. 

Waking up time has been quite consistent also. The first two mornings baby boy came staggering into my bedroom at about 6:30 which is about right for him. This morning it was 5:30 but he was disturbed by Mr K getting up for work so I forgive him. He came into bed with me and went back to sleep. 

He loves the fact that he can get in and out of bed himself which is the good thing about having a cot bed I think. The bed is nice and low to the ground unlike a single bed and so when I do take the bed guard off I won’t have to worry about him hurting himself if he did fall out. I like that it is a nice transition to a bed without being too much of a change. All in all the big boy bed is a success!


How did your little one find the move from cot to bed?