She’s here!

Well I can finally announce (a bit late!) that we are now a family of 4! Baby girl was born on 1st December weighing a dinky 5lb 14oz. 

Although I desperately wanted a natural delivery it wasn’t possible and she arrived by c-section (birth story to follow in another post). We spent 3 days in hospital before coming home and are now settling into life with a toddler and newborn.

Baby boy has adjusted fairly well (we have a new behaviour of trying to run into people and bounce on them which we hope will calm down soon) and on the whole pays little or no attention to his new sister. He does like to stroke her head and kiss her on occasion which is incredibly sweet. 

Baby girl is incredibly calm and other than when we don’t feed her quick enough she hardly cries. She has slotted right into the family perfectly. All of my worrying was for nothing!

Mr K has been a fantastic support throughout. He has some time off work and is doing everything around the house so that I can recover. He really is a star!

I feel blessed to have 2 gorgeous, healthy children and I am loving each day I spend with them.

And then there were two!


Well you have probably noticed that the posts have been a little thin on the ground recently. There is a reason for that… Household K will be expanding from 3 to 4 later this year!

We are expecting baby number 2 and of course we are very excited. The last few months have been difficult but hopefully I am coming through it and starting to feel better.

We have told baby boy but at 16 months he is too young to understand – he looked at me and then carried on playing with his cars! Hopefully he will show a little more enthusiasm once his brother or sister arrives.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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