16 weeks – time is flying


At the very beginning of the pregnancy Mr K and I decided to use a relatively new service in our area, one to one midwives. They are a free, NHS funded service available in certain parts of the UK and when we found out that they operated in our area we jumped at the chance. There were a few reasons for using this service. The first being that you have a named midwife who carries out all of your appointments, delivers your baby (if you decide on a home birth) and continues your care up to 6 weeks after the birth. That’s right, one midwife! The second reason is that all appointments are carried out at home at a time to suit you. This is great for me as it means that baby boy can happily play and I don’t have to worry about him getting bored at the doctors surgery. It also means that I can fit appointments around my supply teaching. 
It was my 16 week midwife appointment on Friday – cue the mad rush to get the house looking at least habitable! Luckily my midwife, Becky, was running a little bit late due to a puncture so I had a bit of extra time to hide the mess. When she arrived we sat and had a chat with a cup of tea before getting on with the appointment formalities. Everything was great and at the end she asked if I would like to see if she could find the heartbeat. It can be tricky to find at this stage as baby is still small and likes to move around a lot but I agreed to let her try and said that I wouldn’t worry if she couldn’t find it. It took a while and quite often we heard the baby swooshing past trying to evade the doppler. In the end though it stayed still for long enough for Becky to pick up the heartbeat. The look on baby boy’s face when he heard it was priceless. He was amazed! We examined that it was the baby in mummy’s tummy and, although I know he doesn’t understand still, it was lovely to see the look of wonder on his face.

So the next appointment will be the 20 week scan – half way through! This pregnancy really is flying by.

Did your pregnancy seem to go quickly or did it drag?

Image credit – http://www.pinterest.com

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