Strawberry Delight


I’m not really what you would the green fingered type but I have recently begun to grow my own fruit and veg. Ok so at the moment I only have strawberry plants and potatoes but it’s a start. 

A few weeks ago I got very excited when whilst watering my strawberry plants I saw lots and lots of small, green strawberries. I actually did a little dance. Then a few days ago I noticed a red one. I happily pointed it out to baby boy. It wasn’t quite ready but it only really needed an extra day. I returned to the house, looking forward to the next day when I could pick that juicy strawberry. I started the washing up, still thinking of that delicious strawberry. Baby boy was happily playing (for once) and was wandering in and out of the garden. Feeling a tug on my leg I looked down and there was baby boy smiling up at me with a bright red mouth and my almost ready strawberry in his hand.

I have raised a strawberry thief!

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