Daddy Cool

 Baby boy is very lucky. He has an amazing daddy!

Mr K was the first of us to meet baby boy when he was born. He cuddled him, dressed him and bonded with him whilst I was still in theatre. For the first few days and weeks Mr K did most of what baby boy needed. I was recovering and so couldn’t do much at all but I didn’t need to worry because Mr K stepped up and was quite frankly incredible. 

The early bond between Mr K and baby boy has grown ever stronger with each passing day. They have an amazing relationship and it is clear to see that baby boy idolises his daddy. Nothing is too much trouble and I can tell that Mr K loves spending time with baby boy. They read together, go for walks, play games and just generally have fun. It is lovely to watch.

I know that our second child will have just as close a relationship because how could they not when Mr K is such a dedicated daddy.

So thank you Mr K. Thank you for being there for us, thank you for being the best daddy to our baby boy and thank you for everything that you do.

Happy Father’s Day!

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