Enter the disaster zone at your own risk


 So this week has been a bit of a nightmare. Baby boy has been ill and clingy, developing baby number 2 seems intent on sucking every last ounce of energy from me, the dog (on holiday here whilst my parents are away) can’t seem to decide if he wants to be inside the house or outside and today my stomach seems to have a spin cycle going on!

In the midst of all of this we are living in what I can only describe as a disaster zone!  Mr K is working lates and so just needs to relax on his return home and once baby boy is asleep it is all I can do to lay on the sofa for an hour so that I can spend a bit of (cough cough) quality time with Mr K. Baby boy is happy enough that his toys are strewn all around but when we start to run out of clean mugs that’s when I worry!

Now I have honestly tried this week to get on top of things but between working and baby boy sat on my knee with a temperature closing in on 40 degrees I am admitting defeat and saying that I just don’t care right now. A friend of mine pointed out that cleaning and shopping can wait – my baby needs me to give him cuddles and make him feel better. I refuse to feel guilty about this. In fact I think that focussing on my child and not washing up makes me a better parent (don’t burst my bubble)!

Do you let things slip sometimes?

Image credit – http://www.pinterest.com

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