Rub a dub dub – reusable nappy wash routine


So as a user of reusable nappies (well baby boy really not me) I am a member of several online forums. The question that pops up on these forums the most is what is the best way to wash reusable nappies. I have decided therefore to write a short post about my washing routine. It will be short because frankly there isn’t much to it and is really is quite simple. It may not be the best way or the recommended way but we have had not problems with it so far. Here goes:

Step 1: Undo zip of wet bag containing dirty nappies (we prefer these to buckets but it’s personal preference) and put it into the washing machine.

Step 2: Set washing machine on a cold rinse.

Step 3: Once rinse has finished add one scoop of powder and one scoop of Mio fresh to the drawer and set washing machine on a 40 degree cycle with an extra rinse at the end (I use baby and toddler setting).

Step 4: when cycle has finished hang nappies to dry on either line or airer depending on the weather.

It really is that simple. On occasion I will do a 60 degree wash instead of a 40 but only if I feel the nappies are in serious need of a deep clean or if baby boy has been a bit off colour.

So there you have it. My simple washing routine that works for us.

Do you do it differently? Do you have any tips?

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