All hail Mr Cadbury!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that the Easter bunny visited your house last night with lots of chocolaty goodness! I love Easter. I mean who doesn’t love a day when it is fully acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast! All hail Mr Cadbury!

Last year baby boy was only a few months old at Easter and so despite me being told that ‘just a taste of chocolate’ would be fine for him, I stood my ground and refused. I was told that I was mean for not allowing my infant son to try chocolate on his first Easter but it didn’t bother me and I just ignored it. This year is different though. Baby boy is 14 months old and I do let him now have the odd bit of chocolate as a treat. He doesn’t have it all of the time but every now and again is fine. Mr K and I have bought him a little chocolate bunny. We didn’t go overboard as, much like christmas and his birthday, we know that our many family members will also buy him something and so his Easter chocolate will probably last until Halloween!

My mum is looking forward to setting up an Easter egg hunt for baby boy and his older cousin. He was too young last year and in all fairness is probably still too young but he will enjoy me frantically running around the garden with him making a fool of myself. I love these special days. People say that days like Easter and christmas have lost their true meaning and maybe they have in a way but for me they are all about family and spending time together. Surely that is as good a reason as any to celebrate!

Do you have any Easter traditions?

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