Good Nights Sleep – Baby Grobag


Baby boy has always been an unpredictable sleeper. We never really know how many times a night he will wake up or at what time he will decide to start his day. At the beginning of December though his sleep pattern got even worse! He was waking almost every hour and wasn’t settling well. It took me a couple of nights to realise that he was cold! He is such a wriggler in his sleep that his blankets end up at the opposite end of the cot to him. We had been having a really mild winter so a lack of blankets wasn’t a problem but at the beginning of December the nights turned cold.

Around the same time we had been sent a baby grobag from the gro company. For anyone who doesn’t know, a baby grobag is a sleeveless sleeping bag for babies and toddlers. It is designed to replace blankets so that the child stays warm all night long. I decided to give it a go to see if it would help baby boy get a better nights sleep.

The baby grobag came in a lovely design and felt nice and soft. When I first put baby boy in it I will admit that I thought it looked a little big. I thought that the excess fabric would get in the way of baby boy when he wriggled about and so disrupt his sleep. I was wrong though and he seems very comfortable in it. That first night I watched the clock to see how long it would take him to wake up. He did wake up of course (he has only ever slept through twice) but only once in the night. I gave him his dummy and he settled back to sleep straight away. The baby grobag worked! There were no blankets to kick off and so baby boy stayed toasty warm all night long. Just to check that it wasn’t a fluke I continued to use it each night for a few weeks. Each night was roughly the same as the first give or take. We were back to our usual sleep pattern. As a little experiment I didn’t use the baby grobag one night – cue numerous wake ups with blankets no where near baby boy! The baby grobag stayed!!


Last weekend we went away for a few nights. I was a bit worried that baby boy wouldn’t sleep well due to being somewhere unfamiliar. We took the baby grobag with us though and I honestly believe that it helped baby boy to feel settled. It was familiar to him despite us being in a strange place. He slept very well. We could even use the baby grobag in the car because of the special opening in the back for the car seat harness to go through. This meant that baby boy could be transferred easily from car seat to cot after a late night drive. Bonus!

I like the baby grobag. I think that it is especially good for wriggly babies like baby boy who struggle to keep blankets on during the night. I wish that I had one earlier but now that we do have one I will definitely continue to use it.

Do you use a baby grobag?

We were kindly given the baby grobag but all thoughts and opinions in the above post are my own.

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