Autumn Days

My favourite hymn at school was ‘Autumn Days’. Maybe because it didn’t actually seem like the usual boring hymns or maybe because it was just such a lovely song but I always enjoyed singing it.

I was reminded of this hymn today when out for a walk with baby boy. The leaves were falling off the trees all around us and someone was having a bonfire. For some reason the words just popped into my head (I could only remember the first verse though) and I started humming the tune. It made me think to the future, next year when baby boy will be walking and kicking the crunchy leaves on the ground. I smiled at this thought. I don’t normally like to think of him growing up but this really brought a smile to my face.

When I got home I had to have a look on the internet for the rest of the words. I found that a lot of them were actually true for me. The smell of bacon, the taste of apple pie, the smell of grass after rain and a win for my home team (come on you blues). All of these things make me happy! I am looking forward to baby boy experiencing all of these things (although I doubt he will ever hear a milkman singing as in the song) and I hope that he will enjoy them as much as I do.

I also hope that baby boy gets to sing ‘Autumn Days’ at school. It would be a real shame if he doesn’t.

What are your favourite autumn things?

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