Mama’s boy

I think that I am raising a total mama’s boy! These past few weeks baby boy has clung to me constantly. I can’t even go to the bathroom without him trying to crawl after me and god forbid I stand on the other side of the safety gate in full view of him. Just me attempting to leave the room brings on full blown hysterics.

I posted a while back about him becoming more independent and not needing me… ignore that! It is now the complete opposite. It is very rare that he will entertain the idea of someone else holding him, even if he knows that person well and if someone were to get a kiss from him, well they are honoured. The upside to not being able to pee in peace however are the many cuddles and kisses that are sent my way. I love it when I pick him up and he snuggles right into me. My heart melts!

My family tell me that I spoil him too much. Should I worry that I am creating a mama’s boy? I’m not so sure that it is a bad thing.

Do you have a mama’s boy?

4 thoughts on “Mama’s boy

  1. My little girl has become like this over the last couple of weeks too! Especially when there are other people around! I think it’s fine as I do leave her to go to work (which she’s fine with) so it’s just lovely to have snuggles and feel loved when we are together!! X


  2. He’s on that separation anxiety stage. You’re probably not spoiling him. They just go through it. My son is currently on the foot right now as i type this. .. I’m out


    • My mum looked after him today whilst I was at work. She said that he would happily play and sit with everyone but as soon as I walked through the door he clung to me and stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon! It’s funny how they only want their mummy or daddy when they are around yet are happy to go to other people when they are not around. I do love the cuddles though!


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