First Aid Basics

A few weeks ago I was hit with a realisation. It suddenly occurred to me that if baby boy had an accident I wouldn’t have a clue what to do! It was a sobering thought. I have decided that I need to get myself on a first aid course just in case.

Now at the moment funds are tight and so until I can afford to attend a course I recruited the talents of one of my best friends. She is a first aid trainer and so I asked her if she could just show me a few basics. She agreed and on Friday baby boy and I went to her house for a crash course. She showed me 2 main things – choking and CPR. After I had learnt the basics I have to say I immediately felt better. Just the fact that I now have a basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency has set my mind at ease.

My friend gave me a useful first aid manual and also recommended the British Red Cross baby and child first aid app. It has fantastic videos, information and useful tests. I have been having a play on it and I can honestly recommend it.

Having a child is extremely rewarding but can also be extremely scary. Just having the smallest bit of knowledge of how I could help baby boy in an emergency helps calm the nerves!

Have you done a first aid course?

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8 thoughts on “First Aid Basics

  1. As a nurse, yes I have completed first aid. However let me tell you, when it was my baby who had a bloody finger ( first baby of course) I went became hysterical that my sweet baby was going to bleed to death! Lol now three kids later you have to be bleeding profusely before I am worried. But a good base knowledge is a must have for all parents because anything can happen and I applaud you for recognizing that and seeking it out 🙂


  2. I have completed a couple of general first aid courses, but none specifically designed for babies and children. My number one rule is: stay calm and think logically!

    Thanks for linking up to our #MondayParentingPinItParty and reminding us all to brush up on our first aid skills x


  3. Excellent to hear and thank you for agreeing to review our online paediatric first aid course, we aim to help parents gain the knowledge to deal with a first aid emergency and also we will be donating 50% of each course to the Birmingham children’s hospital and look to raise £10,000 by may. Our course is fully online and only £20!!! We look forward to your review and feedback on our course. Regards spearhead compliance training Ltd.


    • Thank you. I am looking forward to completing it. I believe that knowing first aid is very important and if I can help to raise awareness and money whilst learning then even better.


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