Slow down – now we’re standing!


For the past few weeks baby boy has been standing up in his cot. This week he has been trying to pull himself up on anything and everything that will stay still and has finally mastered it! I’m so proud of him. It is lovely to see his determined face light up when he manages to stand up tall and it just makes my day!

With this new found skill comes a fair few bumps though. We have had a few shocked tears but no actual injuries (touch wood). However, I’m slightly concerned that he is going to actually hurt himself one of these days. Short of bubble wrapping the whole house or baby boy for that matter I’m not sure what I can do really. I suppose I just have to watch him and try not to worry too much!

He is developing so much! I love seeing him master these new skills. He tries so hard and then looks so proud of himself when he manages it. It makes my heart melt! I never knew that these milestones would make me feel so blessed. These seem like small steps but for baby boy they are huge!

What next? What developmental leap is he going to master now? I’m excited to find out!

How do you feel when your little one learns something new?

4 thoughts on “Slow down – now we’re standing!

  1. My baby boy is almost ready go stand on his own and he’s extremely active now. The only thing I baby proofed was the edges of the coffee table. So far no accidents! I did have to put the baby play mat in our lounge.


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