The misery of teething


Baby boy is teething. It is not good at all. In fact I would go as far as say that it is hell! Teething has turned my already, to put it nicely, high maintenance child into a rosy cheeked, unsettled screamer!

He already has 3 teeth that came through with the same fanfare. This is the fourth and probably the worst. He just won’t be comforted.

I have tried many different so called teething remedies. Teething gel may as well be water and calpol, although it seems to just about take the edge off, doesn’t do much to settle him. I have been recommended teething granules but these are so hard to find they may as well be gold dust. In desperation I have even gone so far as trying amber beads!

I will admit to being extremely dubious about these but in all honesty they seem to be the thing that works the best. Baby boy was wearing them when tooth number 3 came through and it was by far the easiest. It may just be coincidence but who knows. Unfortunately, they came off his ankle a few weeks ago and I put them somewhere ‘safe’! I am planning a detailed search of the house tomorrow to find them!

I’m hoping that this tooth hurries up and pops through soon because quite honestly I don’t know how much more I can take of this. I want my normally high maintenance child back!

Do you have any teething tips?

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7 thoughts on “The misery of teething

  1. My son is teething too. He’s much better now but a week ago when his two front teeth was starting to cut through it was hell!!

    I had to use ibuprofen for kids (nurofen) to relieve his pain and it worked well for him. I only used it for 3 days though. I felt bad giving him pain killers all the time.

    It was crazy because when his 2 bottom teeth came out, he wasn’t upset about it.


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