On the move!


We have a mover! For the past week baby boy has been mobile. It started off slowly with just a little shuffle forwards and over the course of 7 days he has perfected what I like to call his commando crawl! He shuffles on his tummy using his arms to propel himself forwards. He has become quite adept at this style and can get up quite a speed.

Of course this has meant that a certain degree of baby proofing has taken place in our household. First to appear was a fireguard. Baby boy seemed to gravitate towards the fireplace and despite moving the photo frames and flowers from the hearth it was still his favourite place to go. I’m not overly keen on the fireguard. Whoever designed it certainly had safety over style in mind! It has done its job though and baby boy no longer bothers with the fireplace. He now likes the bookcase!

When baby boy scooted from the lounge into the kitchen as my back was turned I decided that it was time for a safety gate. Baby boy is not too pleased with this new addition however. He holds onto the bars, looks through with his puppy dog eyes and the bottom lip starts to wobble. He knows that if he cries then Mummy will pick him up out of his little jail!

Despite being proud of him for his determined efforts to gain mobility I can’t help feeling sad. My baby boy is growing up. He is gaining independence. I want to make a pact with him to stop growing but I’m not sure it would be legally binding!

image credit – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/557601997584954028/

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